Ausonia provides corrective and reactive maintenance services to the maintenance needs of the Alphabet application framework. Each application needs time for changes related to changes required by the business or changes required by the evolution of the technology in use by the company.



Ausonia will support Alphabet in change management process too.

“The process responsible for controlling the lifecycle of all changes, enabling beneficial changes to be made with minimum disruption to IT services.”

Change management is ultimately a balancing act between the need for speed and the management of inherent risks associated with a change.

After all, no organization wants its latest change to cause its customers and/or employee’s issues, nor the IT service desk to be drowned under a deluge of change-related incidents. This unwanted disruption, and potentially cost, is a foundation stone in the need for a change management process.


 The change management process is used for scheduled and emergency changes, as well as routine and large changes.